Volunteer Hours Requirement

St. Francis of Assisi CYO Basketball requires that each family volunteer two hours of volunteer work.  The bulk of the open opportunities for hours are as a Gym Monitor for home games throughout the season and playoffs.  Additional opportunities for volunteering will be posted if they become available.  SFA coaches are excluded from this requirement for additional volunteer hours.

Failure to complete the commitment of volunteer hours will result in a $75 charge per family.  

Gym Monitor

Gym Monitor Duties

  1. Please be on time for your shift. Sign in at the time of arrival on the clipboard hanging by the CYO locker
  2. Monitors must wear the red Gym Monitor jacket. They can be found in the entry of the CYO locker room.
  3. Gym Monitors need to make sure that both coaches have filled out the next games scoresheets completely prior to the end of the previous game. Blank scoresheets can be found in the binders at the scorer’s table.  The coaches for the next game may be practicing outside so you may need to look for them.  Please take the completed scoresheet directly to the scorer’s table prior to the completion of the previous game.  Also,
    advise the home coach that he/she needs to have a timekeeper at the score table as soon as the previous game ends. This is very important to keep all the games on time.
  4. If you are monitoring the first game of the day, you should check for any possible safety hazards in the gym. If you find any hazards, address them with the custodians referee or board representative.
  5. Introduce yourself to both referees when you arrive.
  6. Enforce all gym rules which include:  No food or drinks on the gym floor except water for players, No roller blades, skateboards or bikes in gym or lobby, No bouncing basketballs in the gym or lobby other than the ball in play during games.
  7. Gym Monitors should direct teams waiting for the next game to a safe area out of contact with the teams currently playing.
  8. At the conclusion each game: The Gym Monitor should assist in a smooth transition of teams finishing their games and teams entering the gym for the next game. Pick up all trash in the bleachers from the previous game. Again, make sure the completed scoresheets and timekeeper are at the scorer’s table as soon as the previous game has been completed and are ready to go.
  9. Issue Resolution: The Gym Monitors and referees may require that coaches immediately address any issues of poor sportsmanship on the court or in the stands. If necessary, coaches will be instructed to remove spectators from the gym if asked to by the Gym Monitor or Referee(s). All issues are to be noted on the back of the scoresheet by the Gym Monitor. Any problems should be reported to the monitors who replace you.
  10. Teams should be encouraged to clean up their bench before leaving (water bottles, trash, etc.) at the end
    of the game.
  11. A First Aid Kit is located at each scorekeepers table. Contact appropriate authorities (911) for any
  12. An AED, Automated External Defibrillator, is located at the scorekeepers table, should there be the need
    due to a heart related issue or sudden cardiac arrest.

If you have any questions ask the referees for help.

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