St. Francis of Assisi CYO Rules


Rules have been established and approved by the Saint Francis of Assisi Athletic Director and the Rules Committee. Direct questions to SFA members:

  • Athletic Director: Carl Morimoto
  • Committee: Jason Watson, Garrett Shelley, Amy Ellis, Chris Paik, Sean Bristol
  • All rules and code of conduct published by the Diocese of Oakland’s CYO organization will be followed and enforced. These are available at


  • Francis of Assisi players must register and pay on through before tryout.
  • 2nd and 3rd grade teams are designed to spread talent evenly across all teams. No exceptions.
  • 4th – 8th grade players will be split across American and National teams. The American teams will be made up of more competitive players.
  • Players play with their classmates, no playing up or down.  The only reasons for exceptions are below and require Athletic Director approval:
    • The player’s class does not have enough sign-ups to field a team
    • To match siblings, if younger sibling is determined by the Athletic Director and the older sibling’s coach to be capable
    • The player’s coach wants player to play up because skill level is so superior teammates can not develop own skills when player on court
  • Players may only play on the SFA CYO team they are assigned to play, officially recorded on Team Snap and distributed to coaches.
  • 2018-19 basketball registration fees
    • 1 regsitrant - $275 ea.
    • 2 registrants - $265 ea.
    • 3 or more registrants - $255 ea.
  • Financial aid is available and will be granted with approval of Athletic Director and SFA Principal (SFA students) or SFA Parochial Administrator (non-SFA students)


  • Children who attend St. Francis of Assisi School, are enrolled in SFA CCD, or live in the SFA boundaries are eligible to play.  Click here for the diocese map below or visit the diocese boundary page to validate that you are in the SFA boundaries.  If you do not live within the SFA boundaries, your son/daughter must attend St. Francis of Assisi School or St Francis Parish CCD.  Click here to register for St. Francis of Assisi Parish CCD.





  • Gym times will be assigned to coaches after completing Shield the Vulnerable and Heads Up Concussion training, and as determined by the gym director.
  • Amount of regularly scheduled minimum gym time per week will be:
    • 2nd/3rd grade + 4th grade National: 1 hour per week
    • 4th grade American + 5th grade: 2 hours per week (recommend 1 hour once season starts)
    • 6th-8th grade National: 2 hours per week
    • 6th -8th grade American: 3 hours per week
    • All teams must use practice times on Saturdays and Sundays
  • Once finalized, gym times are set. When your assigned time is up, it is up. Next team (or event) has the gym floor. It is not the next group’s fault if your practice started late or drills are running behind. Do not punish the next team.
  • Practices are for the players. Parents, siblings, friends, etc… are not allowed to practice or play in the gym during practice – this is due to our insurance policies.
  • Parish events take Saint Francis of Assisi gym priority. At times, we may notify you that a recurring practice may need to be moved.
  • Saint Francis of Assisi gym keys are not available to coaches. No exceptions. For one off uses, check out key from Parish Hall and return.

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